SunCycle moves to a new location

A location suited for a growing SunCycle

SunCycle R&D, admin and sales departments have been moved to a new and bigger location. The new offices at the Meerenakkerplein 9 in Eindhoven are better suited to enable SunCycle the growth and development it currently experiences.

The move marks another milestone in SunCycle’s ambitions and comes hot on the heels of the decision to expand its production and implement new developments in its technology.

Moving to a bigger and more conducive location will enable SunCycle to further its growth. It will also assist in better informing the market about the possibilities and solutions the SunCycle Concentrated Photovoltaic technology provides to both residential and commercial property owners.

The SunCycle CPV technology with built-in tracking system enables property owners and facility managers to generate electricity and thermal energy at higher system efficiency. Cost of electricity is also better levelized.

SynCycle’s CPV technology typically provides a solution for home-owners, hotels, golf clubs, hospitals or schools in areas with sun activity is above-average.

The Concentrated Photovoltaic technology is unique and has been patented and registered in Europe, the Middle-East, Oceania and Central, South as well as North America.