SunCycle SUS: the most efficient solar energy system

The SunCycle SUS energizing solar power system is the most efficient solar energy system available. One SunCycle SUS produces sufficient energy and thermal comfort to maintain a comfortable climate or electrify an average residential unit or office block.

The SunCycle SUS energizing solar power system consists of 20 individual units, each combining a rotating prism and mirror. The system is a static system. Only the the prism and mirror rotate when following to capture the UV saturated solar radiation. The patented SunCycle technology converts this radiation and heat into electric and thermal comfort.

Made from robust materials

Water is used to create the best conditions for the unique III-V solar cell to function. The water derives the heat from the cell. This warm water can be used in a heating and cooling system to create thermal comfort.

The 20 individual units, each measuring approximately 50 centimeters in diameter, are made of moulded plastic containers. These containers are fitted on a robust, stainless steel metal frame. The use of robust and affordable materials make it possible to use the SunCycle SUS in both urban and demanding, rural, environments. It also enables SunCycle to produce the system at an affordable price.

The SunCycle SUS energizing power system is typically suited for multi-unit residential, commercial and public facilities as well as sports, storage, educational or health facilities, to name a few.