SunCycle tracking system further optimized

A research project that studied the SunCycle tracking system which is used to maximise the gains from the sun, has resulted in an improved calibration of the tracking system.

SunCycle had the study conducted by an engineering student. ‘Students always have new and innovative opinions and ideas. Their line of thinking is not influenced yet by established thinkers, nor is it contaminated with other experiences. That is why we always have positions available for students who have proven to be innovative and eager to improve without being afraid of deviating from existing opinions or beaten tracks,’ explains Joost Verhoeks of SunCycle Technology.

Patented solar tracking system

Student Stefan Teley studied the calibration of the SunCycle tracking system for the past six months. ‘Thanks to the improvements he suggested SunCycle now manages to maximise the energy generated during the time the system is operational,’ Verhoeks continues.

The patented static SunCycle solar tracking system tracks the sun by rotating its prism and mirror. The solar rays are captured by the special prism and directed towards the high-yield solar cell. This cell experiences a solar concentration that is 500 times more intense than normal solar radiation.

For calculating the position of the prism and mirror in the SunCycle system, an algorithm is used that  is based on various parameters. Teley developed a calibration routine for 4 of these parameters. As a result the prism and mirror will now always be positioned in the best possible way no matter how the SunCycle system has been installed. This now enables the system to operate at a maximum power point during the day.