SunCycle receives its first unit


The SunCycle Module: core of the SUS

GL Plastic has handed over the first SUM to SunCycle. The SUM will form the core of the latest electrical and thermal energy producing system SunCycle will introduce in the spring of 2017.

The SUM is an approximately 50 cm diameter dish which will capture solar radiation throughout the day. 20 SUM disks will be used to assemble a ‘SUS energizing solar power system’. The system converts the solar radiation to energy while water that is used to maximise the efficiency, can be used to heat up or cool down rooms or facilities.

The most efficient solar energy system

Once available, the SUS energizing solar power system will be the most efficient solar energy system available. ‘One SUM is capable of delivering 50 Wpe and 62 Wpth. Due to the nature of the technology we use, the delivered energy both thermal as well as electrical, is decreasing far less than PV and PVT systems produce when the cell temperature increases,’ SunCylce CEO Peter Penning explains. ‘The electrical efficiency of PV cells typically decreases approximately 5% for every 10°C where the electrical efficiency of HCPVT typically decreases 0.5% for every 10°C.’

Assembled from moulded plastic: robust and environmental friendly

The SUM modules are produced by GL Plastic. ‘Having our system assembled from moulded plastic will make the SunCycle system much more robust and environmental friendly than any other system available,’ Penning continues. ‘The environmental friendliness of systems is becoming an important issue in established societies. Using robust components for our entire system will also allow for using the SunCycle SUS energizing solar power system in harsh and remote areas that, thus far, haven’t been connected to the grid.’