SunCycle adds new members to its management team

Growth projected requires larger management team

SunCycle has added several new members to its management team. As SunCycle is expecting to introduce its latest ‘SUS energizing solar power system’ before the summer of 2017, additional specialists have been appointed to enable a smooth roll out of this latest energy and thermal comfort generating system.

The SUS Energizing solar power system converts solar radiation to electricity while water used to maximise the efficiency of the system, can be used to warm up or cool down rooms or facilities.

As the SUS Energizing solar power system has the highest efficiency in converting solar power to energy of any technology currently in use, SunCycle management recognised the need for expanding its marketing and communications capabilities. ‘Tests and studies have confirmed the efficiency of our latest system while its ability to deliver is undisputed,’ SunCycle CEO Peter Penning says. ‘Our biggest challenge will be educating the world and informing possible users about the abilities of the system hence we saw a need to expand our marketing and communications team.’

An additional three people have now been added to the SunCycle marketing and communications team. ‘It is a big step to take but I am confident that, by making this investment, our global sales network will receive the full support it deserve to market out technology, and the SUS energizing solar power system in particular.