Investors delighted with progress booked

Full support for plan market introduction SUS

The SunCycle management plan for the introduction of its ‘SUS energizing solar power system’ has received full support and approval from the company’s investors. SunCycle CEO Peter Pennings received a standing ovation at the company’s AGM after he revealed how the company is planning to bring its latest solar energy technology to the market.

The SunCycle AGM was attended by shareholders from as far as Canada and Jordan. ‘We have been fine-tuning our plans for introducing the SunCycle SUS energizing solar power system for a long time,’ SunCycle CEO Peter Penning said. ‘The system uses ground breaking technology to generate electrical and thermal comfort. Due to external factors we were forced on several occasions to adapt and adjust our plans. This caused some confusion by our investors and doubts by several parties who had been monitoring our process closely. However, SunCycle management never lost confidence in our ability to solve pertinent issues and it makes me extremely proud and happy that we have now received the full support and backing to continue our roll-out plan,’ Penning adds.

The SUS Energizing solar power system converts solar radiation to electricity while water used to maximise the efficiency of the system, can be used to warm up or cool down rooms or facilities.

Getting the organisation ready for the next stage

SunCycle recently increased its research and development capacity while the sales and administration team moved to a new and bigger location. ‘As we anticipated the approval we have already started preparing our organisation for the workload we expect to come.’ With plans and finances approved, SunCycle is currently finalizing arrangements with its suppliers before production will commence. The first ‘SUS energizing solar power systems’ are expected to be installed before the start of the summer of 2017.