Housewarming well attended

Several dozen visitors took the opportunity to visit the SunCycle offices and laboratories on 2 October. They had the unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest developments.

The day was a perfect opportunity for people to get a sneak-preview of what they can expect. After years of developing and fine-tuning the SunCycle SUS technology is about to enter the market. Once the first SunCycle SUS will become commercially available, providing thermal and electrical comfort for houses and commercial properties will never be the same again.

Field studies have already proven that the SunCycle SUS has the highest efficiency per m2.

Many investors, fellow-inventors, suppliers and specialists in the field of using thermal energy to provide comfort visited the SunCycle offices during the open day. After they had been introduced to the technology and briefed about the latest developments, attendees were divided into smaller groups that were taken around the premises. Each group had the opportunity to see a SunCycle SUS system live in action.

The tours were received well with many people asking additional questions about the technology and its yield. With the day concluded, our next milestone will be revealing our testing unit that is currently being installed in France. Knowledge obtained from this unit will be vital to fine-tune the system before we can start producing the SunCycle technology to start supplying the market.