Efficiency SunCycle surpasses any known technology

SunCycle Technology solution outdoes PV technology

The Solar Energy Application Centre (SEAC) has concluded that the SunCycle concept for generating electrical and thermal comfort can be considered as being the most efficient technology.

The SunCycle concept achieved a concentration factor that exceeded 500, enabling SunCycle to use a considerably smaller cell surface than is required in a standard PV system.

The research study consisted of four different modules.

The first module studied the thermal and electrical performance as well as its operational functionality.

The second module focused on the techno-financial feasibility while the third module focussed at the effect of a inhomogeneous radiation, angle and spectrum on the III-V cell.

The fourth and final module considered a new approach to this cell. It looked at the cell, its cooling block as well as the wiring. As a result several components have been redesigned and further optimised.