More comfort for soldiers stationed on Aruba

Facilities of the Netherlands armed forces based on Aruba in the Caribbean, will soon be powered by energy generated through a SunCycle SUS.  The over 500 personnel stationed at the base will also benefit from the thermal comfort the unit provides.

The first SunCycle SUS unit for the base in the Caribbean was shipped mid-December 2017.

The Dutch armed forces in the Caribbean are tasked with protecting the borders of the various islands that are part of the Dutch Kingdom. They also support civil authorities by maintaining the (inter)national rule of law like, for example, combatting the drug trade. While the sunny conditions are well-received by the thousands of tourists that flock the island every year, the working conditions can be very demanding for personnel that often operates in extreme conditions.

The SunCycle SUS will provide enough thermal and electrical comfort for several facilities.

The Dutch armed forces are eager to use and understand the SunCycle technology. In a drive to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels by at least 20% of what was used in 2010, by 2030, the SunCycle SUS has been identified as a viable and safe alternative to produce electricity and thermal comfort.

The latter is very important to the Dutch armed forces as they are well aware that 1 in 8 soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq between 2003 and 2007 were killed or wounded while protecting fuel convoys.

The SunCycle SUS unit for the Dutch base on Aruba will be installed in the coming weeks. Once switched on, the SunCycle SUS will immediately start making a difference.