2018 Will make SunCycle shine

With units on their way to the Caribbean, several units in production for a client in Spain and interest in the SunCycle technology shown by prospects in countries from as far as the Far East, it is fair to anticipate that 2018 will make SunCycle shine!

As we are only 4 weeks into the new year, it is still early to say what 2018 will have in stock for us but if recent developments are anything to go by, one wouldn’t be blamed to think that 2018 will mark the start of a new era.

We anticipate having our production capacity on full steam by the second quarter of this year. Once that has become reality the simultaneous supply of affordable electricity and thermal comfort for offices, homes, corporate facilities or (emergency) medical facilities in both rural and urban areas, will never be the same again.

During 2017 our engineers managed to fine-tune the system and our latest tests show that the SunCycle SUS is capable of simultaneously delivering 1260 kWh thermal comfort and 1000 kWh electricity. These yields exceed those delivered by solar PV commonly used to convert solar radiation to energy.

The SunCycle SUS manages to do so as it concentrates solar radiation and directs all solar radiation onto a small chip. This chip receives the solar radiation more than 500 times the original intensity. Here it converts the radiation to electrical and thermal energy. Connected to a heat exchanger, heat contained in the fluid can be used to provide thermal comfort without the need for additional electricity.

Upgrades that were implemented in the original design in 2017 have made the SunCycle SUS also become a viable solution for providing electrical and thermal comfort in countries that experiences less intense sun shine. This includes countries like the Netherlands and Germany.

While our installation team is gearing up to soon start installing units in the Caribbean and Spain, our production team is getting ready to increase capacity by the second quarter of this year. We have no doubt that in 2018 the SunCycle SUS will become the electrical and thermal comfort provider of choice for hotels, offices, schools, hospitals and houses all over the world.