SunCycle, passionate for innovation and collaboration

SunCycle Technology BV (‘SunCycle’) specializes is maximising the usage of solar radiation for electrical and thermal comfort. Our motto ‘Energizing solar power’ captures our desire to derive maximum benefit from the free energy the sun provides.

The patented technology of SunCycle provides electricity and thermal comfort to residences, offices, warehouses, hotels, schools, hospitals, sports & commercial facilities around the globe.

Dutch design & technology

The SunCycle technology is designed, developed and engineered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. SunCycle greatly benefits from the presence of a Science Park and its close proximity to the Technical University of Eindhoven, as well as various other technical and scientific research centres. This enables SunCycle to assemble teams with highly skilled technicians and specialists who continuously monitor and develop our technology.

SunCycle is a founding member of CPV4ALL. This European research project aims to introduce innovative solutions for concentration-based photo-voltaic electricity beyond grid parity. Other partners participating in this project include Andaltech (Spain), CEA (France), Leibold (Switzerland), TNO, Radboud Nijmegen, GL Plastics (all from the Netherlands).

The Marketing & Sales team of SunCycle is based at our head office in the Netherlands. The sales and installation of the technology is supported by a team of international Value Added Resellers which are based all over the world.

SunCycle team

Peter Penning
Co-founder - Technology

Joost Verhoeks
Marketing & Sales

Theo Kremers

Marnick van de Zande
Research & Development

Cees van Aller

Ronnie van Beek