Energizing solar power

Using groundbreaking technology to provide electrical and thermal comfort

The SUS energizing solar power system converts solar radiation to electrical and thermal comfort. This robust system provides electrical and thermal comfort to residential, commercial and public facilities in both urban and rural areas.  The SunCycle SUS converts the radiation into electricty while water used to optimize the system, can be used for a heating and cooling system.

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Made in the Netherlands

SunCycle; a Dutch design for the world

SunCycle specialises in converting solar radiation into electrical and thermal comfort. The company head office, R&D departments and production are based in the Netherlands. Scientists at SunCycle Technology are closely involved in various international research projects that aim to introduce innovative solutions for concentration-based photo voltaic electricity. The SunCycle Technology is patented and registered around the globe.

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Conquering the world

SunCycle improves its products and adjusts its organisation continuously.

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